Mostra Mercato Fair “Arts & Crafts” Bienno

The Fair Mostra Mercato “Arts & Crafts” ... Bienno the a fabulous medieval hamlet situated in the hammer’s valley

Here in the medieval hamlet of Bienno it seems that every stone has something to say and to every turned angle you get surprised: the elegant architecture, an arc among the houses, a lane that winds among the buildings and almost inexplicably it conducts you in a different place, and perhaps in a different time, in its glorious past.
Besides being an outstanding example of a medieval hamlet that should not be missed we would like to recommend you the Fair Mostra Mercato “Arts & Crafts” that for the last 27 years in August opens the doors to the visitors for a stroll among marvelous works of art and artistic craftsmanship, products and local gastronomic specialty, events and shows between lights and sounds to taste the true essence of this magic medieval hamlet.

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