Spa Package:
Night with spa and breakfast in your room.
Relaxation and wellness.

Spa and dinner:
Night with spa and dinner at the panoramic Restaurant.
Relax and taste.

Romantic Emotions
Spa and sweet massage 30'
Treat yourself to complete relaxation.

Scent of Love
Spa, aromatherapy massage and tasting dinner.
Complete well-being of body and mind.

One thousand and two nights
Limited-time offer, two nights with spa.
Twice the relaxation at half the price.

Love Dream.
Spa, 50' massage, tasting dinner and romantic room setup.
A Dream Experience!


If you want to relax in our spa every day for two hours, for your entire stay, the spa package is for you. Complimentary for you with this package is breakfast served in your room.


from 125,00 €

Our best-selling package, complete with stay and two-hour spa course per night and half-board dinner, at our restaurant.


from 159,00 €

If you are planning to stay with us on Saturday night, stay a second night (Friday or Sunday) and double the relaxation for half the price.


2 nights per couple
starting from 189,00 €

Relax in our spa with wellness path and massages during your stay


from 199,00 €

Indulge in the scent of love, indulge in the relaxation and well-being of body and mind through our spa treatments and the delicacies of our restaurant.


from 269,00 €

An experience that is a true Love Dream, where the well-being of mind and body come first.


from 349,00 €

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Our Gift Certificates

For a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas or Wedding, our gift vouchers are always the most suitable choice.
Vouchers issued by Hotel Lovere Resort & Spa have open dates with the option to conveniently choose when to stay and relax with us!

Our Vouchers are valid 6 months from the date of issue and are fully customizable.

By choosing from our packages (see above) you can have a wide choice of services to give away:
- Rooms with lake view or Suites with Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, sauna, emotional showers; 
- Spa Services such as Wellness Paths, Massages, treatments,
- Restaurant Services such as Tasting Dinners or Half Board, Breakfast served in your room and other little goodies to make your gift as magical as possible. 

Whether you would like a voucher with packages and rates above or prefer a tailor-made package, please contact us at, on whatsapp at +39 347 9865211 or call us at +39 035 960396

- Gift Vouchers issued by Hotel Lovere Resort & Spa are valid for 6 months from the date of issue (i.e. the date of payment);
- A Gift Voucher will be issued that can be printed and given to the recipient;
- Gift Vouchers with the above rates are not valid for bridges and holidays. In case you want a voucher valid for these dates as well you will need to add €50 to the above value.
- They can be redeemed by contacting the Hotel so that we can decide together on the desired date of stay;
- Once confirmed, the date of stay cannot be changed;
- Along with the room confirmation, any other services will be booked: massages, Wellness Paths, rentals and their schedules, when necessary
- For those who will have Wellness Paths/Spa included, it will be necessary to bring only bathing suit and bathing cap. Bathrobe, towel and slippers will be provided by us;
- Once the voucher expires, it cannot be renewed or exchanged for other hotel/restaurant/spa services