Foresee your expectations and your secret desires is our aim, to make them true is our goal…

We have our own special way of being welcoming, helpful, caring, professional and attentive towards all of our guests, a way that we have studied and improved through the years and that now has become a good habit and a way of being.

We take care of yourselves from the very first moment, from the booking request to the mailing of our newsletter with information about the Lake Iseo, Lovere and its events to your arrival in hotel; there will be someone to help you with your luggage, someone who will tell you all about Lovere and lake Iseo, somebody who will prepare your bedroom, someone who will escort you to your room, someone who will pamper you in our spa and somebody who will prepare and serve your preferred breakfast for an excellent start of your day.

We are pleased to tell you about the work involved behind the scenes, because sometimes it is not so obvious, even if the results of that many attentions is perceived as a general sense of well being.