The three Lakes tour by bike

for you who loves the nature, there are three magical reflecting pools of water to be discovered

Starting from the hotel along the Lake Iseo up to Pianico and all the way to the nearby natural reserve of the Valle del Freddo which is known for its particular microclimatic phenomenon that determines the growth of the typical high mountain flora thanks to the presence of cold holes or "mouths" from which cold air comes out. The park is open only on Saturdays and Sundays during the months of May, June and July. 

Right here, you will reach the 2nd lake: the small lake of Gaiano of glacial origin, today fed by spring water.

Cycling along the road you will arrive at our 3rd lake , the lake of Endine, which occupies the central part of the Cavallina Valley and presents a rich fish flora and allows visitors to practice sporting activities such as fishing, boat trips, windsurfing, trekking and walking. 
Following the path towards Casazza, you will reach the other side of Endine lake in the direction of Monasterolo, a small village with important medieval remains and the church of S. Salvatore, built on the ruins of an ancient monastery.

Continuing along the provincial road in the direction of Lake Iseo you will reach a medieval village of Riva di Solto that surely deserves a visit and then continue along the coastal road of Lake Iseo that leads to Castro, a characteristic small village with narrow cobbled streets, the parish church of San Giacomo and a beautiful lake promenade.
And with a little weariness, but fascinated by the scenery you will return to the base.

TIMINGS: 2 - 3 hrs
DIFFICULTY: medium and difficult in some sections of the route
- Lake Iseo
- Valle del Freddo
- Lake Gaiano
- Endine Lake
- Endine Gaiano’s castle and tower
- Spinone al Lago
- Valle del Tuf
- Monasterolo’s castle
- Borgo di Castro
SNACK BARS & RESTAURANTS: many bars and restaurants around the lake 
TYPE OF EXCUSRION: to be done autonomously. 
Upon request it is possible to book the guide at extra cost. 
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